Sunday, November 7, 2010


The Kindergarten students have been busy in art these past few weeks
 exploring shapes and patterns using paint and markers.

They began with a watercolor technique called wet into wet
which simply means putting wet paint onto wet paper. 
They concentrated on holding the paint brush correctly
 while 'tickling' the paper with the brush.

They watched the paint 'explode' into beautiful designs on the wet paper.

They had to work quickly before the wet paper dried.

 It was fun to experiment with the colors.
They got some beautiful results while mastering the materials.

Next, they tried a more controlled painting style. 
 They began by using a permanent marker to draw the shapes we've been studying 
 (squares, rectangles, triangles, ovals, and circles).

 Then, using only one color, they painted the background with watercolor.

This took lots of control!
 They did a great job.

Once the paint was dry, they used markers to create patterns within each shape.

They were very creative...

and worked hard...

on the finishing touches.

There are over fifty pieces of art on display in the Kindergarten wing.

We invite you to stop by to view them!


  1. What a phenomenal process! And what lucky kids to be able to study various artists, practice techniques and experiment with all different media. Love viewing their inspired creations. Keep up the good play!

  2. I am really impressed with the work those kindergarteners did!