Sunday, January 30, 2011


The Kindergarten students have been busy learning about
American Artist
Anna Mary Robertson Moses
better known as
They looked specifically at her rural winter landscapes while creating one of their own in a similar style.

Here is their process...

The students began by painting a winter sky using watercolor.

Gluing along the torn edge, they attached a piece of white paper (for snow) to their sky.  This created a HORIZON LINE  (where the earth and the sky meet). 

Next, they began recycling colorful scrap paper from previous projects...

into interesting details by cutting and combining basic shapes...

and carefully gluing them into place.

They learned how to make objects appear
 by placing SMALL DETAILS up near the HORIZON LINE,
and LARGE DETAILS down near the BOTTOM EDGE.

Carefully tearing brown paper into long strips gives a natural look for tree bark.

The glue is spread on the back of each piece of torn paper...

and thoughtfully put into place.

Small evergreen trees are placed in the BACKGROUND closer to the HORIZON LINE.
PEOPLE are added. 
DETAILS such as coats, snowpants, boots, mittens, scarves and hats are included.

Some even added their own extra touches to their pictures...

making their pictures unique!

A sampling of work from each Kindergarten class will be on display in the Kindergarten wing through the month of February.

We hope you'll come by to see!

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