Tuesday, February 14, 2012


The Kindergarten art students
 have been learning the names and uses of five types of
 LINES: horizontal, vertical, diagonal, zigzag, and wavy.
They have also been discovering things about the
 PRIMARY COLORS (red, blue, yellow)
 such as where they are located on the color wheel,
and how they can be mixed together to make other colors.

Piet Mondrian
was a Dutch artist
who worked exclusively with vertical and horizontal lines,
 and primary colors in his paintings.
In fact, it is said that he painted for thirty years and never made a curved line!
Of course we had to give this a try!

*Composition (Blue, Red, and Yellow), 1930, Oil on canvas

Each student
began by gluing strips of black paper both vertically and horizontally on the paper.
The ends of the strips had to go either to the edge of the paper, or stop when they reached another strip.
Overlapping their lines in this way created squares and rectangles.

These shapes were perfect for painting,
which they did using only the primary colors.

Like Mondrian, they balanced their paintings by leaving some shapes white throughout.

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