Monday, June 11, 2012


Creating these fish involved many interesting steps.

We began by using watered down tempera paint for the background.
We had to work quickly to paint the whole paper before we covered the wet surface with a piece of ...

plastic wrap! 
We used our hands to pat and twist the plastic wrap on the paper.
Once the paint had a chance to dry, the plastic wrap fell away revealing an interesting "water" design.

Using a piece of colored paper and crayons, we created patterns to represent the scales on a fish.
Then, we cut an oval and triangle from the patterned papers for the body and tail.

Finally, we glued our fish to the "water" background
 and then added a tissue paper fin and an eye. 
A stream of glitter bubbles created just the right finishing touch. 
Our fish sure looked happy swimming along on the display wall!

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